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Distribution. WHERE IT NEEDS TO BE - ASAP! Enable fast, trusted software releases across the globe — ensuring security and overcoming limited bandwidth and network lag. JFrog Distribution enables you to speed up deployments and concurrent downloads at scale throughout your SDLC: from CI, to CD, through device management – spanning remote ...
A hub for AEM [ Adobe Experience Manager] related questions or topics. AEM Monday, 30 November 2020. Get AEM Runmode Value. JAVA: BundleContext bundleContext = FrameworkUtil.getBundle(DComCommonUtil.class).getBundleContext(); ... · Enable TTL-based caching on Dispatcher · ...
Adding a fingerprint to the path of your CSS and JS files every-time the contents of those css or js change can allow you to set a long TTL and, avoid the need for cache busting because as soon as you update your CSS and JS Files, the fingerprint will change thus, user will load the new css/js file and cache those.
@ Component (service=AuthorUIHelper. class) @Designate(ocd=AuthorUIHelperImpl.Config. class) public class AuthorUIHelperImpl implements AuthorUIHelper { private Externalizer externalizer; @ ObjectClassDefinition (name = "ACS AEM Commons - Author UI Helper", description = "Helper service to maintain a central configuration related to which ...